The Wireless Tracker is a special item that tracks mobs and players by working with the Triangulator and/or Wireless Map. To use the Tracker, use Shift+RightClick to open up the frequency GUI and set a desired frequency, between 1 and 5000, and do the same with the Triangulator. Be sure that you have the same number set to both the Tracker and the Triangulator, or it won't work. Once you have a frequency set, select the Tracker, point at the desired target, and use RightClick to throw the Tracker. The Tracker will stick to the mob and the Triangulator will act as a compass and point to it. The tracker has infinite range as long as the chunk is loaded. If you've made a Wireless Map for the area, the Tracker will appear as a red dot on the map to represent its location. Be aware that the map also shows other wireless devices. To bypass multiple wireless devices on the map, use the Triangulator to find the direction the Tracker is in and then use the map to find its location.  The only ways to remove a Wireless Tracker is to get it off with a sticky piston or to jump in lava, where it will return to entity form. Taking fire damage will remove the tracker, but will not return it to entity form.


Crafting GUI.png


REther Pearl




Wireless Tracker


The Wireless Tracker on a wolf.

  • If a player in SMP logs off of the game while they have a Wireless Tracker on them, it will crash the server. There is no known fix for this.

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