The Wireless Receiver is part of Wireless Redstone and is meant to be used with the Wireless Transmitter or Wireless Remote. It will receive any signal input of the same frequency. The Receiver will pick up signals from any emitter as long as it is in the same chunk.

The Wireless Receiver GUI is opened by right clicking on the placed receiver. The frequency can be set between 1 and 5000. If a Wireless Transmitter/Remote is set to the same frequency as the Wireless Receiver, then any Redstone signal input into the Wireless Transmitter will be sent wirelessly to the Wireless Receiver over any distance (provided the chunk for both devices are loaded). This redstone signal will be emitted in the direction the red wire is pointed. To change this direction, use either a Screwdriver or a Sonic Screwdriver.  Both the transmitter and receiver can be placed on the sides of blocks, as well as upside down. When placed it will sometimes emit a set of REP like "tendrils" that will damage mobs and players. 


Crafting GUI.png

Receiver Dish

Obsidian Stick

Stone Wafer

Stone Wire

Stone Wire

Wireless Receiver


Wireless rec adv gui

In addition to the convenience of not having to find or create pathways for the Red Alloy Wire in tight spaces, Wireless can minimize the number of Timers placed in an area.

A master Timer is connected to a Wireless Transmitter and then multiple Wireless Receivers are placed around where they are needed. See image below for an example where many Filters activate at the same time from a single Timer. The benefits from this are that a master switch is already in place where the single Timer is and the clicking noises from so many Timers are drastically reduced in that location.

Wireless Receivers can also be used in conjunction with Wireless Remotes to create remote detonations, without the use of a Dynamite-O-Mote. This is especially useful for Nukes , as you will not take damage from the explosion. They can also be used for Forcefields .

Wireless sample01

Spectrum Phase Shift

A Lumar of any color can be placed into the spectrum phase shift slot to "color code" a custom frequency in the GUI, at the cost of using up that Lumar. That wireless signal will now show up as a different color. Instead of showing up as a red dot on a wireless map, it will take on the color of the lumar.

Video Tutorials

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