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Wireless mining turtle(left) and a computer with an activated modem on the side(right).

The Wireless Modem allows your Computers to communicate over rednet. You place this on a computer by holding sneak and right clicking the computer. The range of a modem is 64 blocks, but during a thunderstorm, is limited to only 17. There is a bug when you destroy a Computer with a modem on it the game will freeze and/or crash.


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Ender Pearl







In order to place a modem, right click any side of the computer while holding it in your hand, and holding your set sneak button.

The important Lua codes to control a modem can be seen by typing the following command into the console or turtle:

help rednet

The LUA codes are as follows:

For specifying side of networking"side")

For sending messages

rednet.send( receiverID, message) -- Send to a specific computer
rednet.broadcast( message ) -- Send to all computers


local modem = peripheral.wrap( "side" )  -- wrap the modem
modem.transmit( channel, replychannel, message )

For receiving messages

rednet.receive( timeout ) -- Returns: senderID, message

[Note: You can also handle the "rednet_message" event to receive messages without calling receive(), the arguments are the same as the receive() return values.]


event = {os.pullEvent( "modem_message" )}
reply = event[4]

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