Weed-EX is a spray used to prevent the growth of weeds on empty Crops. Weed-ex is used most effectively in a Crop-Matron, but be warned, use Weed-EX sparingly. Overuse of Weed-EX will reduce a crop's stats. It is also recommended for Cross Breeding if you have to leave your crops for any period of time. They do get repaired in an Alchemical Chest or an Alchemy Bag with a Talisman of Repair.

Note: Just because crops are empty doesn't mean that weeds can not spawn. If you have any crops with a Growth of 24 or higher, it will spread weeds to nearby plants.


Crafting GUI.png


Grin Powder

Empty Cell


Raw materials required:

Amount Raw Material Name
1 Grid Redstone Redstone
Grid Spider Eye

Spider Eye

Grid Tin

Tin Ingot

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