There are many weapons in Tekkit as well as the several vanilla weapons, but it can be difficult to decide which to use. This is a list of all the damage dealing items in Tekkit showing how much damage they do, and any additional effects.

Note that any weapon which is used on the same target more than once in 0.5 seconds will deal zero damage on the second (and third, and fourth, etc.) within that 0.5 second period. This includes two simultaneous sources of damage (e.g. two blunderbuss pellets)  

Weapon Damage Additional Comments
Nano Saber
Grid Nano Saber
10 hearts when on, 1 otherwise

Requires charging, consumes power when on. 

Drains energy from Nano Armor far faster than a similar damage weapon would. Does NOT drain Quantum Armor any faster than usual.

Mining Laser
Grid Mining Laser

Varies with mode, see Mining Laser page for more information

3.5 in mining mode, much higher in explode or Long-Range. Does over 10 hearts damage on Long-Range point blank, with damage quickly decreasing by range.

Ranged Attack, sets mobs/players on fire, LR mode excellent for hunting animals!

Rapid-fire means some modes deal very high damage per second.

Can be used like an assault rifle, also very effective against heavy fortifications in explosive or LR mode. However, it is easily dodged

Projectile disappears after ~40 meters in long range mode, ~30 on explosive.

100% accurate, will never miss a stationary target within ~40 meters.

Not a good base defense weapon, as most firing modes will obliterate most blocks on impact, destroying the surrounding terrain.

An exploding laser shot at oneself can rocket jump one several blocks into the air, at the cost of up to over 10 hearts. Armor is recommended for this. Firing excessively fast may cause lethal fall damage, despite the fact that the multitude of explosions will not (due to armor, or being fired within less than 0.5 seconds of each other)

Dark Matter Sword
Grid Dark Matter Sword
6 Hearts. Has an Area-of-Effect harming ability.
Red Matter Sword
Grid Red Matter Sword
7 Hearts. Has an Area-of-Effect harming ability.
Red Katar
Grid Red Katar
11.5 Hearts.

Is a multitool and has an Area-of-Effect harming ability.

Grid Crossbow
8 hearts when charged.

Requires Crossbow Bolts, Reload time after each shot (single shot with rechamber, unlike the Vanilla bow which cannot be reloaded, but must charge up before firing full shots).

Also very inaccurate unless fully aimed. Excellent range and speed - probably one of the longest range weapons in the game, it may well have a longer accurate range when aimed high (less than 45 degrees) than the player has visibility.

Grid Musket with Bayonet
11.5 (or same damage to diamond armor as RM katar) at point-blank range, decreases to 6.5 hearts by 50 blocks (at which point hitting is unlikely in the first place, regardless of aiming time and marksmanship ability).

Requires Musket Balls, Reload time of 2 seconds after each shot.

Effective range is limited to about 30 meters (it will miss most of the time and do less damage past that, regardless of your aim).

Also very inaccurate unless fully aimed.

Grid Blunderbuss
0.5-10 Hearts per projectile, however, projectiles do not stack damage. so while it easily deals the most damage per shot (up to 100 hearts combined) it cannot oneshot anything above 10 hearts.

Requires Blunderbuss shots. Reloads faster than the musket, but is still single-shot with rechamber. While it requires aiming to be accurate, accuracy is fairly unimportant, as the projectiles spread enough that it usually hits with at least one pellet, even if it isn't aimed for very long.

Be careful when shooting at a wall which is perpendicular to you - the projectiles can and will bounce back and hit you, dealing several hearts.

Grid Blowgun
Deals about 1 heart on hit, but poisons health and causes slowness for about 7 seconds afterwards, dealing up to 3.5 hearts total. The poison ignores up to diamond armor, but cannot itself kill mobs or players.

Fires darts. Loading and aiming are similar to crossbow or musket (single shot with rechamber), however, it fires at lower velocity without aiming (holding down click)

Arguably the most damaging long-ranged weapon against diamond armor, as it does not affect poison damage.

However, keep in mind that poison itself cannot kill, only "soften up" the enemy. Either the miniscule damage dealt by the darts or another weapon are needed to kill.

It makes very little noise compared to muskets and blunderbusses, and both it and the darts it fires are made only of materials that can be gathered on-the-fly and by hand (feathers, sugercane/reeds, cacti and sticks).

Grid Cannon
Deals about 15 hearts on hit, killing most mobs instantly, goes through players and mobs dealing damage to them and then blows up on impact with structures or terrain dealing significant damage.

Must be placed as an entity on the ground, can be manned as a vehicle, and can take a lot of damage before breaking. The player can swivel and aim the cannon, and fires by pressing jump. Requires several seconds between shots to reload, and must be re-aimed at the target because the player must look at the cannon and right click with a cannonball.

Very effective at sieging manned or unmanned structures. Somewhat limited range due to moderate speed of the projectile. Works best with one or more players defending it.

However; using the cannon may get you autokicked because on some servers with anti-hack plugins it may be considered flying.

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