Hello Tekkit wiki users!

We have a bit of a problem on the wiki at the moment. There are a lot of screenshots that are not in the default texture pack! This (apart from looking very unprofessional) has lead to a lot of confusion, particularly amongst people new to Tekkit.

Uniform standard

  • All screenshots must be made with a vanilla tekkit install (no custom texture packs, mods or custom skins).
  • No nighttime pictures.
  • Fancy graphics, smooth lighting on, the GUI removed (via F1) and first person only.
  • No screenshots with other players in the shot.

Exceptions will be made for screenshots specifically demonstrating the feature or characteristic.

So how can you help?

Well, go through the screenshots on the wiki and add the category(s) appropriate to the image. Each policy has its own category to make things easier, and they are all in the Screenshot Fixing category.

If you are in the mood for replacing some images in Tekkit, look through the categories below for any images you want to do. Upload your new image over the original by clicking the "Upload a new version of this file" link on the original image's description page. Once you've uploaded the new image, remove the screenshot fixing categories from it.

Many thanks!


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