Hey guys and girls!

I'm just here to make a quick announcement.

The time has now come for me to remove some old content from this wiki. The content I'm talking about is namely:

  • The 'Timber Mod' page.
  • The 'Crafting Table III' page.
  • Last but not least, all the Forestry pages.

I'm fairly sure you people don't need me to insult your intelligence by telling you why there is no point in having them, but experience has taught me that someone will kick up a fuss if I don't...

So, first up, the 'Timber Mod' page! The Timber Mod was removed very early on in Tekkit Classic's history. It no longer even exists as was and is now called Treecapitator. So that page is going.

Second, the 'Crafting Table III' page. Now, this is going for exactly the same reasons given for the Timber Mod page. However, due to it's prominence yearly on in the Yogscast Tekkit series, there may still be a need for the page. So it's going for now, but it may come back.

Lastly, the elephant in the room, Forestry! Now... the overriding argument for keeping the Forestry pages has always been "but people can still add it back in". Although this is true, now you really need to look at the bigger picture.

  • Tekkit Classic is now no longer being updated, so Forestry will NEVER be re-added under any circumstances.
  • The amount of people who still play Tekkit classic and add Forestry to it is relatively low and most of those people will not need any help with it.

And if you are one of the people who has Tekkit Classic with Forestry, just consider for a moment that you are using a very old version of Minecraft with a really old version of Forestry that may soon not be even available.

So for the sake of keeping this wiki clean and complete, they are being removed. I hope that you can all see why this is happening!

The mad thing is that most of you who read this will not have even known that the pages existed in the first place :D

If you have read all of this, props to you!

There is going to be more news from me (relating to other stuff) coming in the next week or so. Keep your eyes peeled!

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