This vote is now closed! With 16 Supporting 2 Opposing

This has been a very hot topic, over the last two weeks or so.

Now, at last, we can take a vote on having them or not.

For anyone who is not aware of what Raw Material Listings are, they are lists (and amounts) of all the base materials used in the creation of items/blocks.

Some pages already have them, but if you guys want them, the 'look' of them will have to be decided on too.


  • You can find out what base materials go into a recipe, without having to work it out.
  • You will have a good sense of how much recipes will 'cost'.


  • If you already have some of the items needed for a recipe, the list will become inaccurate.
  • If the item/block you are trying to make has multiple stages to crafting, you would still have to find out all the 'sub recipes' to make it.

If I have missed any Pros/Cons let me know (if they are valid I will add them).

Ok... down to voting!

If you are in favour of the lists, add:
to the start of your comment.

If you are NOT in favour, add:

So, it's down to you now. Be nice! And don't turn this blog into an argument, as that is not what it is for!

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