• VasVadum

    A friend has said he wants the frame limit to be 10,000.  I have said this is very bad on servers.  Can some people point out reasons why?  I mean, feel free to point out lag, but point out how and why it would cause lag?  I just don't know a good way to explain why.

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  • VasVadum

    Quantum Chests!

    January 28, 2013 by VasVadum

    This is something I'd really like to see.  Quantum chests!  A diamond chest, with multiple inventory pages, maybe white like the quantum suit and it won't kill servers and graphics cards world wide like the black hole chest does.  And doesn't have "infinite", instead, maybe the size of I dunno, 30 diamond chests?  When items are pumped into it, it works like the normal chests and fills it from the begining.

    This chest should have a button to see each page, even if each page is empty.  Should also be just as powerful as the armor and be nuke proof.

    Which makes me think of reinforced chests too, those would be neat, but kinda useless I think?  Just thought i'd type this up before I go to bed and forget my idea.  :P

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  • VasVadum

    I have been rather annoyed by how many times the game just randomly decides to up and close on me for no reason.  Or turn white and crash.  Or disconnect me from misc other errors.  I have had to restore my friend's server 5 times now too.

    With the amount of stress I endure in this game, I almost don't want to play anymore.  Normal minecraft is almost better because it doesn't up and crash on you constantly.  I also recently found that one of the machines I built takes 12 times more internet connection while it's running.  Standard was using about 500KB a minute, this machine was burning 6.5 megs a minute.  (frames, block breakers, etc.)

    • It's got a lot of things to play with?
    • Automation.
    • Teleporters.
    • Anchors (If I could verify they are not brok…

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