• Theorbtwo

    Allo, folks. I've decided that if I can't get over my tekkit addiction, then I should try to channel it slightly toward a useful direction, thus I'm going to try to write a series of blog posts about techniques I use to automate crafting & etc in my tekkit world.

    First, some rules / guiding principles:

    1. If it feels like cheating, don't use it. At the present, that means no Energy Collectors. I think Oil Fabricators might fall into this category too, or at least in a configuration where the effective power flow loops back on itself and gives you infinite energy.
    2. As much as possible, and not too much effort, don't overcraft. That is, if you already have an Automatic Crafting Table MkII sitting around unused, don't craft another.

    So, my go-to uniā€¦

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