What's this About?

This my friends, is about the long awaited ccSensors information Update.

What's being done?

if you find yourself asking what's being done? then here let me explain:

After the years of experience I've had with ccSensors, Integration with ComputerCraft and other mods, i've decided the time has come for me to Completely overhaul the Information that's currently listed, with Everything we have learnt.

What's Included?

Everything we know about ccSensors will be included in this overhaul and I mean everything, I've even began preparing simple Optional Server and Client Patches for the mod, so that, we can finally weed out them annoying NullPointerExceptions and all.

You won't need the Client Patch to play on a Server with the Patch and Vice Versa, if you have the Client Patch you can still play Servers without it.

What will these Patches do?

These patches are being done as Modified but still the Original .class files of the Mod, to fix some things up, they'll include the missing or broken "Probes" and "Readings" as Fixed and working, and Perhaps we might even get the "Set Owner" Button working on SMP.

Applying the Patch will be as simple as loading up either your Client or Servers "Mods" Files, and "Merging" the two folders together, (This will overwrite any OLD .class files with the new ones) then just boot up again and done :)

Merging? What's that?

To merge two folders, all you have to do, is place the New folder (With the same name) in the same Directory as the OLD folder, and the System will do the rest :)

How can I help?

If you want to help then sure, just drop me a line or three on Down below or on my "Message Wall" with anything you wish to add or contribute, Anything at all that you know will help :)

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