Hello everyone! We are seeking expert Tekkit Classic players to represent the Tekkit Classic Wikia as part of our ongoing effort to improve the quality of our Wikia pages. As some of you probably know, there are still many pages with errors in them, and so I am looking for those with deep knowledge of the game, many years of experience in Tekkit Classic engineering, and a keen eye to ensure that our Wikia continues to be the best source of information for Tekkit Classic, bar none. If that sounds like you, leave a comment below with your most impressive engineering feats (no architecture please), pioneering discoveries, and anything else impressive you know or have done in TC , as well as your Skype/Discord username, and I will schedule an interview with you if I feel that you meet the skill requirements.

Additionally, I am seeking to form a team of researchers with a passion in pushing the limits of Tekkit Classic knowledge. I will be offering a combined monetary payout of up to $400 USD for solutions to my engineering challenge and research problems, based on questions solved, which may be found on my profile at If you are interested, let me know your areas of strength in TC, the questions you are interested in researching, and your Skype/Discord name in the comments below, and we will discuss possible ideas in depth when possible.

Be sure to state which team you are applying for. We look forward to hearing from you!