2012-12-09 15.53.06

All this makes an electronic Circuit!


So as i promessed here is just the start of it!

This took me about 2 hours to make all of this happen. Jezz soo much pipes to make all this work the right way. Well i'm gonna go work on it more!

Hope for a new update monday!


I just finished the Automatic Solar Panel Creator!

Heres a picture:

2012-12-09 21.06.58

Pretty crazy huh?

Yes i finished this project in about 1 day on my Birthday to so be happy i could make this posible.

Huge thanks to The Tekkit Wikia Team

Thanks you so much for making this posible!

Heres a slide show showing more details.

Also drop a comment on what i should make next!

~Night The Engineer~

  • Where the Electric Circuits Are made
  • The Electric Circuits on there way to be crafted
  • Electric Circuits being pumped out
  • Where the machine blocks are made
  • RE-Batteries are made here
  • The Final Product, Solar Panels!

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