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  • I live in in a state of confusion on the East Coast of USA
  • My occupation is Web Developer (ColdFusion)
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  • Mdouglas3

    Six Weeks Later

    November 1, 2012 by Mdouglas3

    Six weeks ago I wrote my first blog post about why I joined this wiki and what I hoped for this community. Today I write my second (and probably last) blog post to reflect on what's happened since then and look to the future.

    When I started editing six weeks ago it was out of sheer gratitude for this wiki having been so vital to my understanding and enjoyment of Tekkit. The wiki was in a bad place, it had been neglected for many months, and it was recently adopted by a new group of admins who had just gotten it back on track and given it direction. I'm glad I came in shortly after they did, as they were able to do the heavy lifting and I could follow their lead (I'm not a leader, more of a follower).

    I wrote about three areas I felt the wiki…

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  • Mdouglas3

    My Hope For This Wiki

    September 16, 2012 by Mdouglas3

    Tekkit is amazing and complex. In order to understand it fully I have come to rely on this wiki. I've joked with players that this is the only game where you absolutely must have a web browser open while you're playing. And players thinking they're asking a simple question, such as "how do you make an HV Solar Array?" find the answer is always "check the wiki!" And after checking they realize their question was not simple at all. Then they, too, come to rely on this wiki.

    When you rely on something, you come to appreciate it. When you appreciate something, you feel obliged to help. So I've tried to pitch in here for this reason. When you put time and effort into something, you want it to succeed. And I want this wiki to succeed. I certainly…

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