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  • Mcmz4e

    As always I've figured it out but I'm out of time...I'll continue tomorrow.

    Anyway here's what I wana do if anybody wants to help:

        • IC2
      • EU generation
    • IC2 Fuels ( splits into renewable fuels and non-renewable fuels)
    • Generators
    • Nuclear Reactor
      • EU storage & transfer
    • cables
    • transformers
    • static storage( batbox mfe mfsu)
    • mobile storage ( bat, re bat, e crystal, lapotron crystal + batpack +lappack)

    the rest of ic2 stays the same except nuclear reactor and generators are removed from ic machines category.

    any thoughts?

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  • Mcmz4e

    EU Generation Page

    May 11, 2012 by Mcmz4e

    I would like to make this page but i'm a bit stuck as this is my first time as a wiki contributor/editor.

    Could someone Help me please?

    I would like to make two pages: EU Generation and IC2 Fuels

    EU Generation - similar to EU Storage and EU Transfer as it would apear when you hover over IC2. It would be a category page for IC2 and have 3 subcategory pages :

    IC2 Fuels - a page containing all pages of items that eu can be derived from, from raw materials like leaves to intermediate products like Hidrated coal dust to final products like uranium cells

    Generators - the current generators page (it would be removed from the machines category)

    Nuclear Reactor - it is already contained withing the generators page so i'm guessing it has it's separate cat…

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  • Mcmz4e
    1. Is there any way to locate lava pockets from the surface?
    2. Is there any way to make lava behave like water? would make for so much easier harvesting with cells...flowing lava that doesn't dissapear when you remove (harvest) the source anoys the hell out of me.
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