So, you finally are ready to make a machine! Before you make one, however, you need a setup and a power source. The easiest power is to make a generator. However, this can quickly consume your coal/wood. When you have the resources, quickly upgrade to a solar panel and batbox, as this will make power from the sun and store it for nighttime usage. Next, your best bet is to make a Macerator. When using a Macerator, any ore placed in the top will be turned into 2 dust. Upon smelting, each dust makes 1 ingot, doubling total output of ores. Once you have done this, it should be easier to get your resources needed. A step-by-step setup:

1. Find redstone, tin, iron, coal, and copper underground.

2. Find a rubber tree with a treetap and extract some sticky resin.

3. Smelt your sticky resin into rubber, ideally a minimum of 7 in this case.

4. Smelt 6 copper, 4 tin, and 20 total iron(3 should be smelted earlier for a pickaxe)

5. Turn the 6 copper into Copper Cables, uninsulated. Insulate them with the 7 rubber.

6. Refine all 17 iron by cooking it again.

7. Create an RE-Battery with 4 tin, 2 redstone, and 1 copper cable.

8. Make two machine blocks and 1 electronic circuit with your refined iron.

9. Put an RE-Battery over a machine block over a furnace in your workbench.

10. Put 3 flint across the top, Cobblestone on the left and right middle, machine block in the very middle, and circuit under the machine block.

11. Place your Generator on the ground, with the Macerator next to it.

12. Put ores in the top of the Macerator, giving 2 dust each ore block to get 2 bars. Keep the Generator running so you don't run out of power.

Viola! You have set up your very first machine! Extracters and Compressors are ideal for others, but this is most useful.

Lemme know what you think of my tutorials. Should I keep them going or stop? Thanks for reading!

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