Hey guys! It's been a long time, but I'm back with some more heavy-duty editing! 

Now, I've realized the the TC wiki has shrunk since it's good old days, but we still have newcomers every now and then (scrolling down on the Technic Launcher thinking "WTF is this Tekkit Classic?"). I want to make it easier for new TC players to get a feel for the game, and understand the game mechanics easier. That's why I revamped the Getting Started page, which currently covers IC2.

Of course, IC2 isn't the only mod here! If one of you guys feels like, "Hey, I'm good with [mod name]! I bet I could teach a newb the basics!", then feel free to make/edit a Getting Started Page for that mod! We currently have a EE2 and BC one, but we're lacking RedPower, RailCraft, and others! If you want to touch any of those up, or create a new one, please go ahead! I have several friends who would greatly benefit from some of these pages, and I'm sure most of the new TC players would too!

So let's get started! (hahahaha punny) If you feel like you've got something to teach, swing by and make some edits!

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