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  • Malsf21

    Hey guys! It's been a long time, but I'm back with some more heavy-duty editing! 

    Now, I've realized the the TC wiki has shrunk since it's good old days, but we still have newcomers every now and then (scrolling down on the Technic Launcher thinking "WTF is this Tekkit Classic?"). I want to make it easier for new TC players to get a feel for the game, and understand the game mechanics easier. That's why I revamped the Getting Started page, which currently covers IC2.

    Of course, IC2 isn't the only mod here! If one of you guys feels like, "Hey, I'm good with [mod name]! I bet I could teach a newb the basics!", then feel free to make/edit a Getting Started Page for that mod! We currently have a EE2 and BC one, but we're lacking RedPower, RailCr…

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  • Malsf21

    I recently read Ewnrrthanadmin's blog post about different storage units, and have decided to, ah, write an article on the subject. This'll be my first blog in a couple months, so bear with me here.

    Minecraft wouldn't be MINEcraft if you couldn't store your items! Many mods have come to the rescue, throwing away the Vanilla Chest in hopes of a better, upgraded version. Here, I'll take you through a guided tour of Storage Untis from different mods, all included in Tekkit Classic.

    I'll also post a little footnote about mods that have cool systems that aren't in TC; maybe you (the reader) could play around witht these mods as well!

    Let's go!

    Iron Chests , by cpw, is a mod with a singular goal: MOAR STORAGE! It adds a plethora of different types o…

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  • Malsf21

    Lets. Get. Down. To. The. Point. (punny!). What tubing system is better? RedPower2's unstoppable Pneumatic Tubes , or the Piping which makes Buildcraft3 the mod to have? Let's duel!

    I've made a quick criteria on what piping systems need to have in general, and a few specifics:

    1. Cost/Affordibility
    2. Ease-of-Use and Accesibility
    3. Precision/Accuracy
    4. Mod Support and Interaction
    5. Lag Inducing Effects
    6. Space Occupied

    But first, a little background:

    RedPower2 and BuildCraft3 are both widely-known brand-name mods. They are famous for innovation, and large world-gen modifications. 

    RedPower2 is noticeable for its large changes in Redstone; it adds hundreds of logic gates, cables, cells, and materials. It allows players to make Redstone contraptions so complex, tha…

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  • Malsf21

    Huyro. I am malsf21, not a special person in any means at all. Today, I will bring you the wonder of IC2's most viable energy setup functions, IN ORDER OF EFFICIENCY, and why we should use 'em. I shall detail why Wind Mills don't suck as much as everyone else says they do, the overrated-ness of Nuclear Reactors, and who I believe should win the EU game.

    Note: These setups are for factories and "home" use alike. I have clearly stated which one I am talking about.

    These are opinions, not factual in any way. Do not link to this page as proof for something in a Wiki Article. This is simply the opinion of a could-be imbecile, could-be Einstein. It's basically a half-narrative, half-tech insight article, designed to humour and inform.

    Everyone says…

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