This How To can be interesting for you, if you area playing around with Tekkit and spawning items.

Have you ever wanted to
Cultivated desert

Me standing in a cultivated desert.

live in a nice place far away from other players? Or is the server world messed up and you want a clear place?

Then this may be perfect for you! You just have to find a desert far away and place three blocks, two High Voltage Solar Arrays and one Terraformer. Then you have to put a Terraformer Blueprint Cultivation in your Terraformer and the desert will become green! It actually works quite fast.

Terraformer setup

Two High Voltage Solar Arrays connected to one Terraformer cultivating the desert.

There might be better, less resource using or faster methods or ones that can work at night. to do this but this is still a very fast and easy way to cultivate the desert very fast.

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