• Klyftpotatis


    July 28, 2012 by Klyftpotatis

    So, I read a blog post comment about a tekkit server, it had factions, chest shop and all that shit... So I thought cool! I want to join that!.. I play as a magican and im using Philosophers stone and Tablets. But, what do I learn then I get out from the nether after like 1.5 hours play time. The trasmution tablet are banned from the server! WTF?! Thats the best thing about the EE mod! So I ask in the chat about the condeser.. No that is also banned!... They not gonna se me on that server more!

    Do anyone know a english speaking server with alot of players that are open for public people?

    Oh and I just gotta tell you about this thing! I was digging down. and then I fell down right next to a cave spider spawn. It was an open area so it was 7 or …

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  • Klyftpotatis

    Testing the blog!

    July 19, 2012 by Klyftpotatis

    Okej, So I tried to make a blog note from my own side, But then I found this "public blog place" and I dont see my own blog note here, Just testing to do it this way!

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