Hi guys! I wanna do something fun on this wiki, dont you? Lets start a discussion about oil refinerys! There exciting, but if you dont set them up right, they will blow up in your face, literally. So, one day Sciencist Maximus R. Tekkit was experimenting on oil refinerys, when he made a mechanical error. When he flipped the switch to the project he had been working on for 1 year, an explosion took place that was 1/4 the size of a nuke! Help him in his time of need, the tekkit world cant survive without fuel! Post your oil refinerie desgins/blueprints/ideas down below, and maybe someday, Mr.Tekkit will be able to refine the purest fuel in the universe.


1. Please include pictures/videos

2. Get pumped! Write something about your disign! 

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