So i come onto the wiki today to see what ive missed in the last 2-3 days and to see how the pages ive created are doing. I the proceed to look over to the hot spots and i see this:

Hot Spots

Pages with the most editors in the last 3 days.

  • 14 editorsPenis
  • 7 editors Delete this
  • 5 editors Bring Back Forestry!
  • 5 editors Cross Breeding
  • 4 editorsNether Ores
  • What in THE hell is going on here?!?! Its not the trolls im concerned about (there normal), but why are these pages the most edited??? Penis?? Really? It only takes one edit to put a candidate up for deletion. Also with the blog post i have a question, can you ban people with certain ip addresses from editing on the site?? (since almost all the trolls are NOT members...). Thanks for your time, and lets keep resiliant in this war against trolls :D

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