I am quite a long time player of tekkit and at first I used the entire pack to its full, but it didn't take me long to realise that Equivelent Exchange was taking away a big core part of Minecraft for me. Now at the end of the day its all about personal preference and most people will play differently than I do but I just wanted to hear other views on the subject. But, as far as I am concerned if somthing will let you, within 2 hours of solo game play (this is tested) create a "machine" (collecters & condensor) that means you don't have to go and collect ANYTHING there isn't much point in playing survival and you may as well be in creative.

I have had a little private server for about 3 years now, only friends of mine play on it but its active and soon builds up when ever we have a map restart, I've allways left EE on for those that wish to use it and to be honest most of them do in some way or another but due to my own preference I avoid all EE related items like the plague. 3 weeks ago a map restart got voted in and I (as I allways do) also put up for vote/debate wether or not we should remove any mods, and (as I also allways do) I instantly put the notion across that EE should be disabled in the name of survival and for the first time in the 18 months (roughly) that we've had tekkit on it was voted in.

So back to the point of the blog, what do you think?


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