I've Desided to make a blog about the chests of the game. What is the best chest?

Im my opinion, I would have a debate between the Alchemical Chest, the Diamond chest, and the Crystal Chest. Now let the debate begin.


Obviously, the alchemical chest wins in this one. The alchemical chest defentely has the lowest EMC/Slot, I don't even have to do the math. Then the diamond, and in last place crystal. If your looking for a low cost, high storage chest, then the alchemical chest is the anwser. 

score- A=1 D=0 C=0


In last place is the alchemical chest here for sure. Then we have a tie with the Crystal and Diamond for storage. Here if I had to make a choice storage-wise, it would be crystal because I dont have to go digging through chests to find what I need. 

score- A=1 D=0 C=1


I can't say much about it, nor do I have an opinion about it. Although, most of my minecraft friends say crystal. 

A=1 D=0 C=2

Wrap up

Even though the score favors crystal, the EMC/Slot favors the alchemical chest so much, that is what I would go with. What do you think?

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