Please, first, don`t delete my blog, I am terrified, and I need help from pros like you!

I was on a map, the map was a beach,a plain with a village and next to them was a jungle.I was playing on peaceful, wanting to mine something with my brand new enchanted diamond pick (wich I obviously got form the inventory).

After mining, I wanted to go to the jungle to tame an ocelot.Till I got to the jungle, I saw small perfect grass-block pyramids, two to be sure.I normally do those pyramids as lids for holes I do using Sticky Dynamite, but I always do them out of cobblestone, this crept me out.I equipped me with a fully charged quantum suit and a Blunderbuss, jus to be sure, but I decided to put down the armor,I threw it.I also threw the blunderbuss, seeing that the athmosphere is calm.Big Mistake....When I was in the front of the jungle, in front of me appeared those black particles that only HIM emitts them....and then I saw him, seconds later, he was looking at me from through the jungle trees.

I tried to be confront him, but I finally did what most people would do....RUN.

I managed to take a picture after the black particles disappeared, right before seeing him.


I need help form you, I am not a liar as most of you would think, I am excited and scared in the same time.I always wanted to see him, and now its done....

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