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    Here are several reasoned arguments behind my suggestion of allowing/adding all Vanilla items, and their vanilla aspects not just their links to Tekkit.

    1. A person who looks at the Tekkit wiki to look up an item may have severe difficultly finding a page on an item in Tekkit as it's a part of Vanilla Minecraft that they may not have known about before hand.
    2. Vanilla minecraft could be considered a mod (well the base mod, but still) and should therefore be included in this page
    3. It can be annoying to flick between a Vanilla minecraft wiki and this whilst playing Tekkit.
    4. Many vanilla items are used in a different manner in Tekkit as opposed to Vanilla Minecraft. Such as Fully-Automating farms that didn't used to have the possibility of.
    5. For the Tekki…
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    YouTube Tutorials To Help

    October 31, 2012 by DJCrawf

    Hey folks, I'm going to keep this one short because I don't want to bore or make it seem like I'm trying to advertise and what not. So I won't link my channel and tell everyone to subscribe, because to be honest I like making videos, and a few hits are a bonus. So I'll just chuck a link to my video at the bottom of a page that is created relating to it.

    I understand that all people learn in different ways. I find it easy to read information, others need to see it to understand it. I have a vast knowledge of both Tekkit and Minecraft and I am more than happy to return that knowledge to newer players. 

    So I'm going to make this blog to allow any requests for tutorial videos and/ or matching wiki pages as well, or creating a video on an already…

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