"I'm bored in tekkit. I've already got everything"

Oh really?

You into ComputerCraft? RedPower2 Frames? RP2 CPU? Built an iridium plate factory yet? Built an HV solar array factory? Built a high EU making, ice fed nuclear reactor? Does your reactor refill itself when it finishes a cycle? Have you made a castle out of forcefields yet? can you make the castle appear and dissappear using wireless redstone? Have you used energy links to convert EU to BC power, use teleport pipes, and use engine generators to convert teleported power back? Can you teleport anywhere? Is your house a collection of rooms connected by teleports, so all of minecraft is now your in-game home?

If so, could you write pages on this wiki to help those of us who HAVEN'T done everything? (except for cpu stuff, there are wikis for those.)

And then, after all that and at least 2 things more, you may be "bored in tekkit". Only then, and no time sooner.

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