• Crazyc92

    The limit?

    November 24, 2012 by Crazyc92

    So, I made a nuclear reactor that automatically refills itself (thermal monitor to determine whether on or not). Under the assumption that all reactors started at the same time will end at the same time, the refilling system is hooked up to a wireless network with RP2 filters to run it. Using ender chests for both the uranium and ice, I save space. ? End result? A network of nuclear reactors, all producing 2070 EU/t each.

    With 5 sides of a charging bench (Mk.3) surrounded by nuclear reactors, this is a lot of energy. Enough energy to fully charge a lapatron crystal in less than a second.

    So, can you outdo me? Well, can you?

    Dare ya.

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  • Crazyc92

    This is the currency system I'm referring to, in case you are confused. CLICK HERE!

    So I came up with this system of currency, and so far, it seems to be the most functional system I've seen yet.

    However, it has an issue.

    the step up from coal chunk to UU-matter is fine, but the step from UU-matter to iridium ore is not good.

    The system requires 8 UU to trade for an iridium ore, but players can craft iridium with 7 UU.

    This is bad, since this breaks the system relatively high up. If it were lower down, below the diamond threshhold(coal chunk), this wouldn't be a big deal.

    I would love to share a few standards for currency. I use these to dictate which items get used.

    1. Stackable- I prefer the items be stackable into stacks of 64. It's not entire…

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  • Crazyc92


    September 4, 2012 by Crazyc92

    "I'm bored in tekkit. I've already got everything"

    Oh really?

    You into ComputerCraft? RedPower2 Frames? RP2 CPU? Built an iridium plate factory yet? Built an HV solar array factory? Built a high EU making, ice fed nuclear reactor? Does your reactor refill itself when it finishes a cycle? Have you made a castle out of forcefields yet? can you make the castle appear and dissappear using wireless redstone? Have you used energy links to convert EU to BC power, use teleport pipes, and use engine generators to convert teleported power back? Can you teleport anywhere? Is your house a collection of rooms connected by teleports, so all of minecraft is now your in-game home?

    If so, could you write pages on this wiki to help those of us who HAVEN'T done…

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