• Coreilly301

    If you set this up right, you can have infinite power.

    You need:

    • A condenser
    • Energy Collectors (Any MK, Any amount, depending on the power you need)
    • Anti-Matter Relays (Any MK, Amount that goes with the collectors)
    • Pneumatic tubes
    • Transposer
    • Timer (Can be just a redstone clock)
    • Generators (Any amount, more = more power)
    • Cables (Copper cables, glass fibre cables etc)
    • Whatever you use to hold your power (MFSU, MFE, Batbox)
    • A piece of charcoal (Charcoal has lower EMC than coal, so its easier to make in a condenser)

    Set up the condensers to create EMC with the collectors and relays (if you dont know how to do this, look it up on YouTube or something, there are plenty of tutorials).

    Set up the transposer to take items out of the condenser. Use the timer to p…

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