• Builder396

    Planning a Bunker

    October 9, 2012 by Builder396

    What do you need most on a Tekkit Faction Server? You guessed it: Nuclear Proof Bunkers.

    I´m currently in the planning phase while 2 quarries excavate the 62x62 area needed. The Bunker has 11 Levels, ranging from bedrock to layer 64, with all around 5 layers of reinforced stone for complete protection against nuclear meltdowns (thanks to faction scripts we´ll claim land in and around the bunker so you cannot place nuclear reactors right into the wall) (normal nukes are banned, so are most OP things like RM Armor and Weapons similar stuff). The Power Grid will be kept up by a Mark II Nuclear Reactor (with 5-7 layers reinforced stone as a blast shield) and a Condenser fueled array of Coal Generators providing 120EU/t each. It has a HUGE Stora…

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