This tutorial will teach you how to make your very own API, nothing fancy, just the basics.

All pre-installed apis are automatically loaded with every computer startup. But your own apis wont load if you dont tell the computer to load it. The loading part is covered in Apiloader.

Let's get busy.

First, make a folder called api by typing

mkdir api

In this folder, we'll keep your apis tidy and apart from other programs. Select this folder by typing

cd api

Now create a file called first.

Now we get to the code

-- My very first api
-- Written by Brainless243
-- Posted to The Tekkit Wiki on 24/10/2012
function logo()
  print("First API Logotype")

And thats it. Thats how an api could look, even though this is extremely simple. If the api is loaded, you could run this function by typing first.logo()

The filename of the api is the first part, "first" and the function you want to call is the second, "logo()".

Now, if you haven't done so already, its time to make an Apiloader.

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