A Tower of Power is a tower designed to make tremendous amounts of EU by harnessing Solar Arrays and Nuclear Power. This setup is usually used by Server Ops, Admins, or on Creative Mode due to the mass amount of raw resources needed. If being done on a Server, help is recommended.


The view of looking straight up, through the main components. OUTDATED

The Tower of Power is typically used to power large structures, factories, or other uses which require massive setups of power.


Industrial Craft 2 Resources

Resource Description
MFSU Able to store up to 10,000,000 EU, receives HV Voltage.
MFE Able to store up to 600,000 EU, receives MV Voltage.
BatBox Able to store up to 40,000 EU, receives LV Voltage
HV Cable

Allows EV Power (2048 EU/t) to go through, though with high EU/t losses.

Glass Fibre Cable Allows HV Power (512 EU/t) to go through, with extremely low EU/t losses.
Gold Cable Allows MV Power (128 EU/t) to go through, with relatively high EU/t losses.
Copper Cable Allows LV Power (32 EU/t) to go through, with mild EU/t losses.
Nuclear Reactor The Core of a Nuclear Setup, capable of producing 2048 EU/t at EV Voltage.
Reactor Chamber Expands the inventory of a single Nuclear Reactor
Uranium Cell The component of the Nuclear Reactor which produces EU.
Thermal Monitor Crucial in stopping Reactors from overheating.
HV Solar Array Produces 512 EU/t at HV Voltage, but only during the day.
HV Transformer Converts EV Voltage to HV and vice-versa.
MV Transformer Converts HV Voltage to MV and vice-versa.
LV Transformer Converts MV Voltage to LV and vice-versa.
Reinforced Stone Similar to Vanilla Stone, but with a Blast Resistance of 150
Reinforced Glass

Similar to Vanilla Glass, but with a Blast Resistance of 150

Reinforced Door Similar to a Vanilla Iron Door, but with a Blast Resistance of 150

Other Materials

Resource Description
Ice/Water A component in cooling Nuclear Reactors
Swiftwolf's Rending Gale

Key in building higher parts of this Tower

Tower of Power Frame

The building of the Frame is customizable, though the general design should incorporate a few components:

  1. A Solid Structure of Reinforced Stone/Glass/Door, to prevent any Nuclear Explosion Environmental Damage. (Should be at least 3 Blocks Thick- Picture is outdated)
  2. A Entrance
  3. A way to view the machinery, to make sure it is working properly.
  4. It must be tall enough to not have anything blocking the top of the Tower, and to house all of the machines.
  5. It should be cuboid in shape, for resource consumption/space consumption.
  6. The Floor should be covered, but not the Roof.

An example for a possible build of the Tower: Please note NOT to use Iron Blocks, this picture is a little outdated.


One format of Solar Arrays, wired to MFSUs. THIS PICTURE IS OUTDATED.

Solar Arrays

Solar Arrays are one of the most efficient ways of generating electricity. They require no added materials, making the ideal when main Nuclear Power is down.

One way is to simply cover the top of the Power with HV Solar Arrays: more than 10 will be sufficient to power a whole factory! More can be added on to the sides. It is recommended to use Glass Fibre Cable to link these arrays, due to their low EU/t power loss.

Alternatively, the tower could be only partially covered by Arrays: this allows for convenience of access, and future expansion.

Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power is the main method in this tutorial: it should be used wisely. Incorrect setups can make huge explosions. While setups are customizable, each one is recommended to have:

  1. All Six Reactor Chambers attached to the Reactor for maximum efficiency.
  2. Some sort of cooling system is supplied
  3. There is a Thermal Monitor setup.
  4. The design is protected in case of explosion.
  5. There is a chunk loader to stop unwanted things on SMP.

There are a few tutorials about this setup, with different results.


While this Tower of Power is surely sufficient to power most needs, there are a few other addons which can be made to boost efficiency, at a cheaper price (and less EU). They include:

Infinite Geothermal Generator Setups:

These setups benefit from making large packets of power, with nearly no cost/requirements. Though, large ones require large amounts of space.

Efficient Water Mill Setups:

These setups are extremely cost-efficient, as they are extremely cheap, space-conservative, and no refilling. Though, they don't produce the megatons of EU Solar Arrays, Geothermal Generators and Nuclear Reactors do.

Efficient Wind Mill Setups:

Wind Mill setups, unlike other setups, aren't really useful en-masse; they are designed for at-home usage. Though, usage of extremely efficient ones can give a good bump of EU, and unlike other setups, require minimal "contact" space, meaning they can be made Sky-High (in fact, they should).

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