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A simple Scrap factory

Scrap factories are cheap to make and run and can be hugely beneficial. One advantage is scrap can be used to increase the speed of a Mass Fabricator by up to six times.

Items you'll need for a simple factory:




Pneumatic Tubes

Power Source*

  • Recyclers use LV power so you don't need a huge source of power.

The power will go from the source (in this example a solar array ) and through step down transformers (if needed), then into the recycler . Because the recycler doesn't consume much energy, it is advised that the source of energy is stored first, then the recycler can be turned on/off without energy being wasted. The filter behind the recycler will then pull out any scrap that is produced, and will flow through the pneumatic pipes and into a chest or a mass fabricator. You will also need your source of blocks to feed into the recycler which in this example is coming from a chest, being pulled out by a filter, and into the recycler. Any that can't fit in will bounce back in the tube. To reduce the amount of rejected blocks, it is recommended that you have at least two Recyclers, especially if you are adding multiple types of blocks.

Tip: One way to feed a scrap factory with blocks is to use a cobblestone generater using block breakers. 

  • A multilevelled and multi recycler scrap factory where the front row of pipes are the outputs, and the back row are inputs

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