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Description of The Power FlowerEdit

A Power Flower is an arrangement of Energy Collectors (of any size) and Antimatter Relays (of any model) that feed into a central Energy Condenser, producing an unlimited amount of EMC to convert into materials. The arrangement of the collectors and relays takes on the shape of a flower, hence the term "Power Flower" was coined.

On an SMP server, leaving this Power Flower running with the chunk loaded will result in masses of items created during the player's absence. The chunks can be kept loaded by using a World Anchor, Dimensional Anchor, or Teleport Tether.

Any model collector and relay will work. A Power Flower using Mark 1 machines can get you about 1/3 a stack of diamonds in 24 in game hours. Using Mark 2 machines will average a stack of diamonds per 24 hours. And Mark 3 will average one diamond every 8 to 9 seconds. Note that Mark 1 and Mark 2 Energy Collectors require a light source above them, such as Glowstone, to operate at full operating capacity, whereas Mark 3 Flowers do not. Power Flowers are not craftable blocks, but they are a combination of craftable blocks. There are some cheaper and quicker alternatives to power flowers, such as the one shown in videos, but they are normally more complex to make.


There are several thousand different configurations or variations on the Power Flower principle which have different strengths and uses. As each of the configurations needs a tutorial in itself, links are provided here for ease of navigation.

  • Petaled Power Flower
    • The Petaled Power Flower is ideal for large-scale, expandable EMC generation. They can be quite large depending on your EMC requirements, and are suited for being buried underground.
  • Orb Power Flower
    • The Orb Power Flower configuration is a smaller configuration ideally suited for a "working" environment in which you need quick access to a Power Flower but don't need the massive EMC generation of a larger, petaled version.

Recipes of Antimatter Relays and Energy CollectorsEdit

Antimatter Relays Edit

Energy CollectorsEdit

Tutorial Videos/ScreenshotsEdit

Tekkit with Blipser 3 EMC Generator! 15:38

Tekkit with Blipser 3 EMC Generator!

A guide to make a superior EMC generator. Part 2 of 1, but the previous video contains less relevant content.

Power Flower 00:00

Power Flower

This is a way you can make a power flower

2012-10-01 16.33.45 2012-08-04 17.30.50

How to make the best emc farm in tekkit (power flower) 01:15

How to make the best emc farm in tekkit (power flower)

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