On many Tekkit servers that you may have played on, you will have seen power distribution systems. Maybe you've tinkered with them yourself. Maybe you're starting a village on a server and want a public power supply for the residents.

To start with, you'll need a powerful generator and an array of MFSUs to store enough power. Then you'll need to transmit the power with very little loss to it's destination. After that you'll need to bring the power down to a level that machines can use it.

For a generator I've used HVSA's with a large load of panels in a 5X2 grid, hooked up with glass fibre cables to an array of sometimes 18 MFSUs.

After that, transform the HV into EV and elevate the line. When you arrive in the town, build a "substation" with an HV transformer. Run the lines from the substation to your town's houses, again elevated, and install an MV transformer directly atop an LV transformer, high inputs facing up, at the top of the pole, just below the wire. Hook it in and install the drop.

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