Final chamber

This is what your reactor will look like

So, you want to build a proper, safe, nuclear reactor setup. It's not as hard as they say, as long as you take the right safety precautions. As the title says, this reactor does not use any EE components, and will explain how to build a non-threatening nuclear reactor. Understand that I only advise building up to mk2 reactors as they can always run at least one full cycle before having problems. This means I am sacrificing power for safety.

1-5 Reactor Chamber

1 Thermal Monitor

1 Redstone Wire

1 HV Transformer (though in most mk2 reactors, a MV Transformer will suffice)

87 blocks (should be Reinforced Stone/Reinforced Glass )

3 buckets of water

Step 2: Where do I put it?

If you trust me, this can be placed anywhere, if you don't trust me, I believe the blast radius of a reactor is around 15-20 blocks. Place accordingly. In this spot you will need to build a 5x5 cube with an opening so you can access the reactor to change the innards of the reactor and add more uranium. For now, only build the sides three high, with a gap in the center of one side for your HV Transformer.

To place the reactor, put a dirt (or other easy to remove block) in the center of the housing and place the reactor on top of it. Remove the dirt block, stand in the gap where the Transformer will go and place your first Reactor Chamber next to you. This will allow the reactor to feed power immediately into the Transformer and ensure its usability.

In the top center, place the Thermal Monitor and place a wire on top of the Chamber in front of you. You will need to Shift-click to place these on your reactor. When you right click on the Monitor, you can set the temperature at which the reactor will turn off. While the reactor is off, it will cool down a bit, but not produce energy. This will prevent the reactor from ever hitting critical mass and exploding.

You can now put any other Reactor Chambers around the Reactor. This setup only allows for five out of the max of six Chambers. Once you feel comfortable with reactors, you can choose to move or remove the monitor to add the sixth Chamber.

Step 3: I have a reactor, what do I put in it?

these are my suggestions for reactor designs:

Step 4: What should I do with my power?

My best suggestion is that you build a Mass Fabricator . This will allow you to create resources to add more chambers to your reactor, or to build digging machines to get resources faster.

If you have any questions or suggestions to improve this, let me know, I'm happy to help.
Super Safe Max Power Nuclear Reactor Tutorial -- tekkit classic28:00

Super Safe Max Power Nuclear Reactor Tutorial -- tekkit classic

A different reactor design that is more powerful 03:58, February 9, 2013 (UTC)ISO94.6.125.207 03:58, February 9, 2013 (UTC)

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