Items in minecraft have been standardized under the Equivelent Exchange mod, but this has not solved the issue of item values entirely. Thus, a player may be interested in incorporating a standard currency system on a server.

Reasons to use a currency system

A common area where EMC fails is in the difference between direct and relative values. If a player has 20 condensors with Mk 3 collectors and relays surrounding, then they probably won't consider a ball of redmatter to be terribly valuable. Thus, when offered such for the creation and purchasing of an IC2 machine, the trade is not worthwhile.
Another reason, there are too many items and values for EMC to be used as a practical currency. US dollars run in $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills, seven bills total. Minecraft has hundreds of items, and many of them have EMC value.
In order to make good, easy trades, a standard currency system with only a few set value currency items should be used.
Note: using items with an EMC value does not solve much, since it still creates the problems noted above.

Currency systems

Here are a few currency systems devised for just such a purpose. Add currency systems here if you have a functional system to propose. Making currency worth 8 of the lower level currency is reccomended (8A for 1B).
  • IC2 based system(greater) (very good for servers with lots of EU, using things like nuclear reactors)
  • IC2 based system(lesser) (uses solar panels, needs the server mint to have functional and efficient solar panel factories, otherwise high value currency will be in constant excessive demand)
  • BuildCraft Based system (very few number of currencies, slightly complex. Good for smaller trades.)
Note: it should be easier to trade for currency than it is to make the currency. Otherwise, no useful trading will occur.

Potential Currency systems

  • Credit card systems, involving floppy disks and RP2 CPU's or ComputerCraft CPU's.
  • EU currency: using batteries, Lapotron crystals, etc. for currency.


The original currency plan here was unable to be used due to an issue in currency production.

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