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The Mass-Slab Half-Whole-Inator is an EMC generator that doubles EMC by turning Cobblestone into Vanilla Cobblestone Slabs and condensing it back to cobblestone.

How this works

When you craft Cobblestone Slabs, it takes 3 cobblestone and gives 6 cobblestone slabs.

Because of EquivalentExchange2's EMC Values, it gives both Cobblestone and Cobblestone Slabs the same EMC value.

So ultimately, by crafting 3 EMC away, you get 6 EMC back, generating slight EMC.

This EMC Generator produces 3 EMC every cycle. Cycles usually mix, and it would be quite difficult to stop that.

Mass-Slab Half-Whole-Inator2

An alternate design that incorporates both Pneumatic Tubing and Buildcraft Pipes

Mass-Slab Half-Whole-Inator1

The Mass-Slac Half-Whole-Inator Basic Design

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