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Side - Shot

A side - shot view of what 1 single module looks like.

Here is all you need to know on how to make a very good and efficient way of generating power using Geothermal Generators and Energy Condensers (with Energy Condensers). Apart from the Energy Collectors, it is a reasonably cheap build; provided you have a decent supply of diamonds on hand.

Materials Needed

This build can be split into modules, each module requires:

  • 1 Geothermal Generator
  • 1 Energy Condenser
  • 1 Energy Collector
  • 1 Glowstone Block
  • 2 Wooden Transport Pipes
  • 1 Stone Transport Pipe
  • 2 Redstone Engines
  • 1 Redstone Torch
  • Power Cables
  • A Batbox/MFE/MFSU

What you can do with it

As shown above, it is very simple to produce one of these power modules. To gain even more power, you can set up multiple modules side by side to expand your production.
  • An example of 2 modules together.
  • An aerial view of 2 connected modules.
  • 2 connected modules.
  • 3 connected modules.

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