Hydro Flowers

2012-08-24 19.46.52

A row of 5 complete flowers. (The texture was bugged and they appear to be stopped)

Perhaps the most efficient usage of the Water Strainer. Make a 5x5 pool of water with a pump above the center. Attach a Golden Waterproof Pipe on 3 sides and the top and connect a Water Strainer to every possible place. Wire all of them up with Glass Fibre Cable. Now, supply the Pump with some power for about a minute to kick start it. After it has a little power to start with, wire it to an Energy Link, then connect a Wooden Conductive Pipe to that and a Golden Conductive Pipes to the Pump on the empty face. In testing, a single Low Voltage Solar Array will power the Pump enough to constantly feed each Strainer, so about 8 EU/t is necessary to keep the system running. You can add more and more modules together. (Remember, each Pump needs its own pool). All of them can be powered from one Energy Link. A simple method of routing is an MFSU on the cable that the Energy Link is attached to. This will give half to the MFSU and half to the Energy Link. Splitters can be used to better route out power.

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