There are faster, possibly more efficient methods of collecting the same materials, but they are a lot more expensive. Find one here.

Materials Needed

  • 1 chest
  • 1 redstone dust
  • 1 glass pane
  • 7 smooth stone (Smelted cobblestone)
  • 2 sticks (4 if using a diamond pick instead of a diamond drill)


  1. Craft a Computer.
  2. Craft a Turtle using the Computer.
  3. Craft a diamond pickaxe and combine it with the turtle to make a Mining Turtle.
  4. Use the remaining diamonds to craft a Diamond Drill. (When using the drill, a BatPack or LapPack is recommended.)
  5. Mine at least 20 obsidian. Only ten obsidian is needed in single player, but 20 is recommended.
  6. Go to the Nether and find the coordinates of the Overworld portal divided by 8 and go there.
  7. Create another portal at that location to link the two portals together.
  8. Dig down (But not straight down) to a y-coordinate of approximately 13.
  9. Place the mining turtle and set it to tunnel an amount of blocks of your choosing.
  10. While the turtle is mining, dig holes every 2 blocks as if you were strip mining normally. (The pattern should be like this (0 being a block mined, and 1 being blocks not to mine): 0110110110)

This method covers a lot of blocks with very little digging. Since nether ores are worth two of their respective overworld ore when macerated, this mine is very effective. Though iron and gold CANNOT be macerated on multiplayer.


This method can be dangerous because it causes the zombie pigmen to attack you. Also, nether ores explode constantly. To prevent this, use a Black Hole Band to suck in the items. Instead, you can also notice when the ores are smoking, and mine them. Your other option when the ore is smoking is to run.

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