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This tutorial is about mining Diamonds quickly using EE Power Items and the Nether Ores Mod. It is more efficient and faster than mining traditionally in the overworld.

This method of gaining Diamonds is more beneficial because of the fact that all nether ores are more common than overworld ores and Nether Diamond Ore can be macerated into 2 Diamonds.



Optional Items

These items are not required but can make the job much easier.

  • Combat Tool (to fight aggressive mobs, i.e. Red Katar, Helpful as mining Nether Ore angers Zombie Pigmen)


  1. Go to the Nether and mine down below Layer 32. Use the Divining Rod to locate areas with Nether Diamond Ore. It has an EMC Value of 8192.
  2. When an area with Nether Diamond is located, use the Destruction Catalyst/Catalyctic Lens to tunnel toward it. When found, use your Catalyst/Lens/Mining Tool to collect it. Even if an explosion sound is heard, continue mining.
  3. After collecting what is needed, return to the Overworld and Macerate the Nether Diamond Ore. Any other useful byproducts should be Macerated as well. (Nether Diamond Ore can be smelted, but when Macerated it produces twice as many diamonds.)

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