This will be a very fast and simple tutorial of how to make a passworded door.

WARNING: Make sure to have some understanding in lua before adding the security line

os.pullEvent = os.pullEventRaw

at the top of your program. This line will prevent people from terminating your program using ctrl+t, but this also means that you can't terminate it yourself.

Let's get going.

-- Easy Passworded Door—Written by Brainless243—Posted to The Tekkit Wiki on 24/10/2012

term.setCursorPos(1, 1) -- Those commands will just clear the screen

print("Simple Password Door v. 1.0")
write("Enter password: ")
input = read() -- This is the input the user makes

password = "Tekkit" -- This is the correct password, and can be anything.

if input == password then --If the input is equal to the password then...
print("Password was correct!")
rs.setOutput("left", true)
rs.setOutput("left", false)
else—If -- input isn't equal to password then...
print("Password was incorrect")

And there we have it.

If you want the password to be hidden while typing, change

input = read()


input = read("*")

Presto. Still unsure check out this video tutorial bellow.

Tekkit Tutorials Password doors14:20

Tekkit Tutorials Password doors

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