This tutorial will cover on how to make a real, useful API. But before making this api, make sure you have made Your first API and a Apiloader. If you allready have done those, let's make a Custom File API, which will simplify reading and writing files.

Let's get working. Open the folder "api" and create a file named "file"

-- Custom File API v. 1.0
-- Written by Brainless243
-- Posted to The Tekkit Wiki on 24/10/2012

function read(sFile, mode) -- sFile stands for the file to read, and the modes are: "r" for just reading one line, and "a" for reading all lines
local hRead = assert(, "r"))
 if mode == "r" then
  text = hRead.readLine()
  return text
 elseif mode == "a" then
  text = hRead.readAll()
  return text

function write(sFile, mode, input)  -- As before, sFile stands for the file to open, but the modes are diffrent. "w" is overwriting the existing document, "a" continues the document. Input is what to be written.
local hWrite = assert(, mode))
text = hWrite.write(input)
return text

And thats that. To call, for example, the read function, type

print("potato", "a"))

That will print whatever text is found in the file "potato".

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