This method uses predominantly RedPower2 to create and is a great method of EMC generation (Pumpkins) as well as supplying your town with food (Melons). This farm can be made in any size, multi-storied, etc. Enjoy DJCrawf (talk) 11:25, December 6, 2012 (UTC)

Required Items

Based on a 10 long farm

  • 20 Melon or Pumpkin Seeds


2012-12-04 21.38.42

Insulated wires added

Dig three equal length rows which are 2 blocks apart and 1 deep.

At the end of these rows; dig down two blocks and connect all three rows.

Place Insulated Wire on the sides of the two outside rows and connect them all at the ends.

2012-12-06 23.13.47

The corner of the wiring

Now place water in a centre row; blocking off the end from letting it flow everywhere.

This photo on the left shows how the end of the rows should connect. Doing it like this will allow you to cover your wiring effectively and neatly

2012-12-04 21.30.51

Water and block breakers in place

   Place Block Breakers over the top of the wiring. These should be facing towards the water.

Cover the ends of the rows and connect a timer set to around 10 seconds to the Insulated Wire.

2012-12-06 23.19.46

Option 1 for Tubing

There are 3 main ways which you can connect Pneumatic Tubes to the Block Breakers.

Obviously in all options there is a necessity to have Pneumatic Tubes behind the Block Breakers.

Option One is to connect the Tubes at ground level so you can walk over them.

2012-12-06 23.20.37

Option 2 For Tubing

Option Two is to connect the Pneumatic Tubes at 3 high. This option allows you to walk under the tubes.

Option Three is to connect fully underground. This is my preferred method with the tubes resurfacing underneath your collection chest.

2012-12-06 23.28.11

Chest placement suggestion

For this tutorial I will connect them at ground level for visibility.

Place the chest where ever you wish and connect the Pneumatic Tubes to it. I usually place the chest within a few blocks of the farm initially. This allows for easy finding. 

In the future you could move the chest to further away in a factory or storage area.

2012-12-06 23.31.41

Seeds planted

Now, hoe the ground on either side of the water.

Plant your desired seeds; e.g. Melon or Pumpkin seeds.

Optionally you can use Bone Meal to speed up the growth of your stems.

2012-12-06 23.37.26
This is your farm completed. Simply cover it all and light it up to prevent any mobs trampling the stems, and allow them to grow at night.

Remember to block off the end of the farm. This will stop unwanted intruders as well as prevent melons and pumpkins growing on the wrong spot.

Extending The Farm

2012-12-06 23.40.23


If you have limited supplies to start with you can easily build a tiny 3 or 4 stemmed farm and just add to the end of it when you get more supplies.

Alternatively you can turn a little family farm into one of significant proportions!

Video Tutorials

Minecraft - Automatic Melon Farm Tutorial!03:32

Minecraft - Automatic Melon Farm Tutorial!


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