This tutorial will show how to construct an automatic geothermal generator refilling system. This is useful when creating a standalone energy system.

These are all the materials needed for this setup. These are the Energy Condenser, Energy Collector, Lava Cell, Filter, Screwdriver, Timer, Pneumatic Tubes, and Geothermal Generator. Note that in the most compact system, only one Pneumatic Tube will be used.

First, place an Energy Condenser and and a MK1 Energy Collector as shown here.

Next, add one Lava Cell to the target box at the top left of the Energy Condenser. It should begin producing more Lava Cells.

Next, place a Transposer on the side of the Condenser.

Right click the Transposer with a Screwdriver to make the small hole face outwards.

Add a Timer facing the Transposer.

Add Pneumatic Tubes to the location of the Geothermal Generator.

Place the Geothermal Generator so that the Pneumatic Tubes are leading into the underside of it.

Add an EU Storage device such as a BatBox to begin the automation.

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