Automatic Cake Farm

An operating CakeMaker

This automatic cake making farm is one of my favourite mechanisms I've created to date. I have entitled this machine: The Cake Machine. This farming based factory is designed to firstly make the necessary ingredients for cake. These include: three milk buckets, three wheat, two sugar and one chicken egg. This machine, if wired correctly, can be the producer of large quantities of EMC with the usage of a Energy Condenser to accept the Cake. 
Crafting GUI.png











Cow Milking Station

An easy system for milking cows is to put a cow in a small fenced area and using a deployer with a bucket inside. Although you will need several buckets, it is less time consuming than milking by hand.

Items Required


2012-11-26 16.02.01

A cow in the 'cow cage'

The first step is to make a pen for your cow, if you're in survival.

To do this start with a flat area, and dig out a plus "+" type hole. This should consist of one 'air block' and four Deployers facing the air block. You can use one if you put the timer set 4 times faster.

Above the Deployers, place one Pneumatic Tube and a solid block (e.g. dirt or stone) in the spaces which connect to two Pneumatic Tubes.

2012-11-26 16.09.29

Tubes connected and grass removed

This will give you the 'cow cage' shown above.

Use Wheat to make a cow follow you into the 'cage'. Once the cow is in place (you may need to push a little, etc) make the Pneumatic Tubes one block higher and then connect them at the center.

After this, remove the solid block from beside the Pneumatic Tubes (see left).

2012-11-26 16.27.40
Now underneath each deployer place a filter and use a screwdriver or Sonic Screwdriver to make all face up; or with the 'dot' side facing down.

Place a bucket of milk in the filters to tell them to only take buckets of milk from the deployers.

Below these place one Pneumatic Tube on each and connect a chest (e.g. Crystal or Alchemical Chest) to the center of these Tubes.

2012-11-26 16.36.49

Chest and bottom filter in place

This should be directly below the block the cow is standing on.

Underneath the chest place a filter which has the output (small dot) facing down. (Left)

2012-11-26 16.40.44

Side view of all Pneumatic Tubes in place

Connect a Pneumatic Tube underneath this.

This tube needs to go 3 toward whichever side you wish to be the front.

Next place 5 Pneumatic Tubes from the end of the current length.

Above this place a chest; the larger the storage capacity, the better. This will be your output chest, the one that can be accessed full of buckets of milk.

Behind this place a filter (output should connect to the tubing system above the deployers). In this filter place an empty bucket.

This is practically your full system in place. The last stage is to power the
2012-11-26 16.55.58

Item transfer system done.

deployers and filters.

Make a 5x5 square out of dirt or stone around the filters. Note that this must be on the same level as the main 4 filters.

Leave the spaces which are sided by 2 filters; empty.

Next run Insulated Wire or Red Alloy Wire along the newly placed dirt.

Take away one of the pieces of wire connected to any deployer (the 'front')
2012-11-26 16.59.51

Timer added to the machine

one is best.

Place a timer in the place you have made. It is recommended to set it to 4 seconds. This will allow you to produce 1 bucket of milk per second. However, this particular timing setting is optional, and you can set it to any time you wish.

Placing at the front of the machine will allow you to easily to modify the timer without mining the blocks around it; thus saving you time.

2012-11-26 17.01.41

Wiring to the filters.

Next is connecting all the filters to the already set up redstone circuit (Insulated Wire).

In the gaps left which are beside the deployers, place 1 Insulated Wire or Red Alloy Wire on the side of the block.

Do this in all the 4 gaps to connect all 4 filters to the circuit.

Next connect the bottom filter to the Insulated Wire circuit.

2012-11-26 17.05.57

An insulated wire powering the bottom filter.

To do this make a dirt pillar below one of the gaps and run Insulated Wire down the pillar.

Next connect this to the side of the filter.

Your Insulated Wire line should run parallel with the Pneumatic Tube.

Last filter to connect is the filter connected to your output chest.

2012-11-26 17.12.04

Filter on top connected to the Wiring.

On one of the holes which have wiring to power the filters make a 3 high pillar which is adjacent to the filter.

Run Insulated wiring up this pillar.

This aspect of the Cake Farm is now complete.

All you need to do is fill up the Output chest with as many empty buckets as you want and this will produce until all the buckets possible are milk.

2012-11-26 17.54.57

An example way of covering.

Lastly add a cover to make it look good and of course, make it clean and tidy.

Automatic Wheat Farm

Items Required


You will need a flat 5 x 11 area for the majority of this project.

Start by creating a trench 6 blocks long on the edge of the longest side of the area. Fill this up with water and cover with glass (if you wish to see the wheat being made) or a solid block (if you don't wish to be able to watch).

CakeFarm Frame

The base frame of the cake farm

Now make a one block high frame that's 5x11 using the glass section as the front side of the wall.

From here till the dirt using a hoe on the blocks adjacent to the glass (inside of building).

Standing on the tilled dirt, facing away from the glass place a deployer facing all the 6 tilled dirt. Behind these place a row of redstone (only behind the deployers however). Fill these deployers with one stack of wheat

Deployers and piston in place

seeds and one stack of Bone Meal.

To the left of the redstone line place a sticky piston facing in the same direction as the deployers with a solid block on the second spot in front of it and to the left of the piston and empty space. This should leave one space for water and one for the piston arm. Place water in the one space not adjacent to the piston.

Digging underneath the deployers now, make a 2 high path directly under
2012-11-03 19.23.20

The piping under deployers

the deployers and make an exit point on the right of the deployer line. Under these, the furthest one should have 2 Cobblestone Transport Pipe, the next one should have a Stone Transport Pipe at highest point and a Distribution Transport Pipe below. This should be set on 1 going to whatever colour is going to the Cobblestone Transport Pipe, and 1 to the

Example distribution transport pipe set up (on last pipe)

Stone Transport Pipe above. Next place a Cobblestone Transport Pipe on the top and a Distribution Transport Pipe
2012-11-03 19.18.05

Placement of diamond and obsidian transport pipe

pipe below. This should be set on 2 to the other Distribution Transport Pipe and 1 to the above pipe. This should be continued increasing in number of the further side and always 1 going up. This will ensure correct distribution of incoming seeds and Bone Meal. To the right of the tilled dirt, dig one down. Place a Diamond Transport Pipe here and an Obsidian Transport Pipe above this

Example diamond transport pipe setup.

(adjacent to the tilled dirt).

From the Diamond Transport Pipe, one side should be connected to the first Distribution Transport Pipe and another to go two to the front with Cobblestone Transport Pipes. This should show a Cobblestone Transport Pipe outside of the design. Either place a Item Teleport Pipe above this, or a chest.

Now to the Diamond Transport Pipe set both seeds and Bone Meal to go to below the deployer and wheat to go towards the chest or item Teleport Pipe.

2012-11-03 19.26.36

Redstone behind pistons and deployers

Now go back to the redstone wiring, behind the piston should be three redstone straight backwards and to the left of the second one should be a sequencer set on 4 seconds, and connect this redstone to two sides of the sequencer, making two 8 second loops, which will be a wet and dry type cycle.

Behind the deployers have one redstone coming off any of the redstone spaces and connect it to a timer also set on 4 seconds. Make sure that the deployer loop and piston loop do not connect in any way.

Now this farm should be fully operational and should be covered up properly.

Note that leaving a way to access the Obsidian Transport Pipe is necessary, this is because until such time that you have a skeleton spawner system in your CakeMaker it is necessary to supply the deployers with Bone Meal ever so often. Just drop them on top of the Obsidian Transport Pipe and the system will sort them into deployers. Remember that dropping 1 stack of Bone Meal will result in it going only to the first deployer, so dropping 6 equal stacks of Bone Meal is advisable. Dropping them individually using 'Q' also works.

Automatic Sugar Cane Farm

Items Needed


2012-11-11 13.41.46

11 x 11 Square base

Start by marking out an 11x11 area with one layer of solid blocks as shown to the left.

Leave a one block gap on the left and right of the inside and then make two rows of solid blocks from the front to the back; leaving one block at the back free. This should leave a single row empty on the left and right, as well as three in the centre, with a blank row at the back.

2012-11-11 13.55.52

Block breakers, water, redstone and timers now in place

Place Block Breakers on the inside raised rows facing towards the centre of the building leaving the last block empty.

Behind these place a row of redstone and a timer directly behind the front Block Breaker. Do this on either side. For now, just set the timers high while setting up the factory is being completed. Note that the Block Breaker touching the timer mustn't be facing the timer input, otherwise one Block Breaker may not work.

2012-11-11 14.03.26

Sugar cane and center row of water in place.

In the row on the side of the redstone place one bucket of water at the very back of the farm, leaving it to flow to the front. This may seem too short; but it is not.

Next dig out the centre row one deep (excluding the back row).

Fill these up with water. Flowing or smooth; doesn't matter which one.

Either side of this place Sugar Cane. Ideally this is a completed farm and
2012-11-11 14.09.03

Pipes added

will operate fully automatically. But its best to convert the Sugar Cane into sugar, and have it store in one central chest.

So at the end of the flowing rows of water place an Obsidian Transport Pipe (one per water stream).

Above these place one Stone Transport Pipe or Cobblestone Transport Pipe, and allow them to go across the back row and join together.

In the center of these (adjacent to center water row), remove one and place either a Distribution Transport Pipe or an Iron Transport Pipe there instead. Use a buildcraft wrench to change the direction of the Iron Transport Pipe.

Crafting GUI.png

Sugar Cane


2012-11-11 14.15.37

A cut-section of the underneath

Below the Distribution Transport Pipe place a Automatic Crafting Table. Inside the Automatic Crafting Table place a piece of Sugar Cane into the centre of the table layout. This will set it up to automatically make sugar from Sugar Cane.

Underneath the Automatic Crafting Table place a Wooden Transport Pipe.

Beside the Wooden Transport Pipe place a Redstone Engine and power it with a lever. Underneath will give it the cleanest look.

2012-11-11 14.20.13

Piping underneath the water.

Now make a tubing of stone or Cobblestone Transport Pipe that goes to the front of the factor; underneath the center water row is best.

This should lead to the front of the design and to an easily accessable item Item Teleport Pipe or chest (preferrably a Crystal Chest for most storage to save overflow).

There you have it; just change your timers to around 20 seconds or so and you have a beautiful sugar cane farm.

2012-11-11 14.28.07

Example of encasing the farm

Encasing this beauty is a good idea.

Production could easily be increased by adding extra stories to the building .

Automatic Chicken Egg Farm

Items Needed


2012-11-26 19.55.23

Placing corner blocks.

First thing to do is make a basic enclosure for the chickens.

Start with placing 4 blocks at the corner of a 5 x 5 square (left).

Next is to put the collection system in place before you can build the enclosure over the top..

2012-11-26 19.58.42

Redstone system in place

Dig out an L shape near the side you wish to be the front.

At the front of the 'L' place a Timer. Set this to excess of 10 seconds. It won't matter too much if this has a long timer time as the eggs will just sit in place.

Now add an Insulated Wire connected to it, and then another on that same block going against the face of the next block. Go along the wall of the

2012-11-26 20.07.42

Collection mechanism in place

other block for two more.

Above these Insulated Wires place 2 Transposers with the input facing towards the centre of the 4 frame blocks which was placed earlier.

Further towards the front side place 2 Pneumatic Tubes and connect these to a chest; preferrably on with large storage such as a Crystal or Alchemical Chest.

2012-11-26 20.16.27

The base frame in place

Now make a 2 high, 5 x 5 frame out of a solid block.

Fill in the inside layer as well. This is shown in the picture in Marble Brick.

To put this in perspective to your design, look at the Transposers.

However, I have moved the Alchemical Chest to inbetween the Pneumatic Tubes and the frame edge.

2012-11-26 20.21.57

The frame complete.

Above where the Marble Brick was, add grass blocks.

In the gap, place down 4 signs, which will act as a fake floor.

Make a frame that is 3 high above this grass platform.

This can be made of glass or solid blocks. Glass is often preferred as it allows you to see the chickens.

2012-11-26 20.26.17

Water in place

The last thing to do before getting chickens is to add the water.

To do this place 4 Water Buckets.

These need to be placed as one in each corner. This will allow the drops to go to the center and fall down the chute and end up in the chest.

Adding Chickens

2012-11-26 20.33.06

Easy chicken capture method

The easiest way is a spawn chicken egg, but this is often not applicable as most play in survival.

The easiest way in survival to get these is to firstly make an easy capture pen.  This is using fences in a 1 deep pen. This allows chickens to easily be taken into the pen by getting them to follow you with wheat.

Another easy way is to dulpicate eggs that the chicken lay and throw them                               with rightclick at a  wall.A chicken will spawn every 8 eggs. 

2012-11-26 20.36.48

The chickens naturally running up the ladder into the pen

Make a ladder going from the easy capture pen to the lip of the chicken egg farm frame.

This will actually allow the chickens to go into the water pen naturally without any assistance.

However using wheat can encourage faster moving of the chickens into the pen.

2012-11-26 20.37.02

A chicken jumping into the water pen naturally

Once you have enough chickens you can destroy the easy capture pen.

You can also destroy the ladder.

An alternative is to, once you have a couple of chickens; add a Feed 

2012-11-26 20.43.00

Feed station for breeding

Station to the walls and fill it up with wheat.

This can top up your low supply of chickens.

Remember that a lot of chickens can cause excessive lags.

Putting It All Together

2012-11-26 22.28.23

All farms in a line

If you made them side by side you'll get something a little like this.

But obviously you will need to collate them into one main frame. This could be called your control station.

Production System

Items Needed


2012-11-27 17.52.55

Chests in place

The first thing to do is place 4 chests in an area. However, Alchemical Chests cannot be used as they do not interact with an Automatic Crafting Table.

These should all be connected to one center block.

This is where the Automatic Crafting Table will be placed.

2012-11-27 17.50.05

Inputs in place

Now add a Cobblestone Transport Pipe below each of the chests followed by an Item Teleport Pipe. This is shown in the photo on the left. 

2012-11-26 23.01.52

Teleport pipe set-up from farms

An example of an output system for the teleport pipe is shown in the next picture.

Starting with a Wooden Transport Pipe, then a Cobblestone Transport Pipe, then the Item Teleport Pipe.

Dont forget to put in a Redstone Engine and a Lever.

2012-11-26 23.06.36

Replacing a chest with an Item Teleport Pipe

The best way to number these is in easy numbers. Such as 101, 102, 103, 104 or 100, 200, 300, 400.

Remember to put the receival pipes saying 'Can Receive: true'.

If they already have BuildCraft piping, it's as simple as just changing the chest into an Item Teleport Pipe.

Next we have to set up the Output for the empty buckets.

2012-11-27 18.12.18

Bucket output in place

Add an Advanced Wooden Transport Pipe on the side of the Milk chest.

Tell it to only take out Buckets by Placing a bucket in the 'These Items Are Required' or a bucket of Milk in the 'These Items Excluded'.

Now place a Redstone Engine underneath, as well as a Cobblestone Transport Pipe to the left or right and an Item Teleport Pipe below.

2012-11-27 18.16.41

The output destination of the buckets

On the side of the chest which has Milk in it, place a Cobblestone Transport Pipe and an Item Teleport Pipe sure this one is set to receive.

Note that the Wooden Transport Pipe taking the Milk buckets must be an Advanced Wooden Transport Pipe which is set to only take full buckets of milk.

2012-11-27 18.39.15

The Automatic Crafting Table output.

Lastly place the Automatic Crafting Table in the center.

Above place a Wooden Transport Pipe and run Cobblestone Transport Pipes to a nearby chest.

Add a Redstone Engine behind the Wooden Transport Pipe, power it.

Very last thing to do is add a Template for Cake in the Automatic Crafting Table and the Device is complete. However it can overflow. 

EMC Production

This machine if operating at peak efficiency (Estimated at 1 cake per second) it will create approximately 1,500,000 EMC per hour of operation. This is 3600 Cakes per hour or 1 per second.

2012-11-27 18.50.25

Energy Condenser only as an overflow

Condenser as Overflow

For this method, place beside your Cake output chest a row of 3 solid blocks. On top of the second one place a filter with the small dot side facing away from the pipes.

Place a Energy Condenser behind this with an item of large EMC Value; eg. Diamond Block.

Only Creating EMC

2012-11-27 19.10.47

EMC Production Only

Simply replace the output chest with an Energy Condenser and add a large EMC Valued item into it.

Video Tutorials

Cow Milking Station:
TheCakeMaker The Automatic Cow Milker (Episode 2) w Redpower210:19

TheCakeMaker The Automatic Cow Milker (Episode 2) w Redpower2

Author Notes

I hope readers and editors alike respect the effort I have gone to inwhich to write this entire page; with accompanying photos and videos (when I get time to make those). Apologies that some pictures and wording are not aligned; in my defense, the editor hates me.

DJCrawf (talk) 08:40, November 27, 2012 (UTC)

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