This tutorial will cover making your own Apiloader, which can load usermade APIs. If you don't have a usermade api to test on, you can create Your First API. We will be using the "first" api to load in this example, but it works for all apis.

First, if you haven't already, create a folder named "api".

Then create a file called "apiloader".

Now let's get working.

-- Apiloader—Written by Brainless243—Posted to The Tekkit Wiki on 24/10/2012

print("Apiloader v. 1.0")

print("Getting available APIs")

local filelist = fs.list("api")

if filelist == nil then—If the program can't find any APIs then...
print("Could not find any APIs")

for i=1, #filelist do—For the amount of APIs found, do...
os.loadAPI("api/"..filelist[i])  -- Load the first API the program finds, then the next, etc.
print("Loaded "..filelist[i].." API")

print("Loaded "..#filelist.." APIs")

And there we have it. Just run this program to load all apis in the folder "api".

To run it at startup change the startup file to"apiloader")

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