The four types of turtles, from left to right: Turtle, Mining Turtle, Wireless Turtle, Wireless Mining Turtle

Turtles are one block large robots that can be programmed to mine and build automatically and/or communicate over Rednet. They are part of the ComputerCraft mod. There are four types of turtles:

Compatibility Bugs

Due to ComputerCraft being an independent mod, some unusual things happen with the other Tekkit mods.

  • RailCraft

All rails will be converted to basic tracks when placed using the "tunnel" program -- both wooden and high-speed.

  • IndustrialCraft

The Mining Turtle can break Personal Safes, even though they are supposed to be unbreakable (they can withstand multiple nukes at once)

Programming Language

They are programed using Lua and the Turtle API.

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