MFFS Tube Projector

MFFS Tube Projector

A Tube Forcefield Projector is a block which creates a hollow tube of shielding; with gaps or openings at each end. 

These are commonly used to create 'doors' in forcefields.


In the GUI, you can change the position of the tube to;

Center Position

This will mean the tube is generated with the X radius on each side of the projector.

Front Position

This will cause the shield to extend in X blocks of the projector. You can increase the length up to 32 blocks, and/or the radius up to 5 blocks. 

Usage as an Entrance


If the tube projector is on the same core as another projector, then the holllow interior of the tube will override the other forcefield; allowing you to create an entrance in a shield without switching it off. 

As the projector is in the middle of the tube, some entrances can be partially obstructed by the projector itself.

If the tube projector is powered by a different core, then they will intersect like normal and not open a gap in the field, so you cannot force a way through someone else's shield without a Frequency card from the same Core.


Crafting GUI.png

Advanced Alloy


Electronic Circuit


Frequency Transmitter

Electrolyzed Water Cell

Advanced Alloy


Electronic Circuit

Tube Forcefield Projector

Video Tutorial

Minecraft Tekkit Classic Tutorial DE HD - Schildgenerator & Projektoren10:51

Minecraft Tekkit Classic Tutorial DE HD - Schildgenerator & Projektoren

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